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Fashion Photography at great value!


Truly exceptional fashion photography can actually transcend the fashion itself, creating outstanding images that expand on the designers original concept. Rob Bennett has shot some of the most recognised faces in the world’s fashion capitals, including both London and Paris. His confidence and calm expertise keeps the focus where it needs to be, putting the fashion at the centre of attention and ensuring the viewer is engaged from the first shot to the last.


Whether you’re looking for a fast reportage style or intimate studies, Rob’s experience and expertise as a fashion photographer make him the first choice for design houses across the UK and Europe, knowing they’ll get superior results first time, every time. With images that bring fashion to life in the pages of some of the industry’s most respected magazines and journals, Rob has a reputation for excellence that stems from his commitment to the highest levels of quality on every shoot.


Rob’s passion as a fashion photographer quickly rubs off on those around him, helping him to get the most from anyone in front of the lens. His ability to adapt to any style and meet any criteria ensures that all directions are followed exactly, giving your designers and directors the results they’re looking for, time and time again. Create a unique look and let Rob bring your fashion to life in any genre, any style and any location.


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