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Interior Design Photographer from a evocative and representational approach


A good interior design photographer engages the viewer, draws them in and makes them want to spend time in the room you’re presenting - and whether you’re a restaurant wanting to tempt diners inside or a designer looking to frame your ideas in the best possible way, talk to Rob Bennett today and see what a difference his skilled eye can make.


Robb always aims to capture the ‘feel’ of an environment, giving the viewer an enhanced appreciation of space that does more than just capture the lines and the décor. Click through the gallery of shots above and you’ll get a feeling for Rob’s evocative and representational approach, taking advantage of the room’s innate properties and using them as a foundation for a final image. While the mechanics of interior photography follow the same basic rules of lighting, perspective and composition, you need the eyes of an artist to bring out the personality that you normally only experience as you physically step inside.


From clean and contemporary lines to joyful clutter - every space has a character that can be frozen in time. Choose an interior design photographer that can do justice to your home, office, showroom or business - and create a portrait of your property that reveals its true character. Explore the rest of the site and you’ll find more examples of Rob’s exceptional portrait, commercial and interior photography - then visit the Contact page to get in touch to enquire about any of Rob’s services.