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Specialist Commercial Photographer in Oxford


With years of experience in film and TV, Rob Bennett has developed an eye for truly engaging photography, drawing the eye into the frame, accentuating lines and detail that would otherwise be lost. This talent for capturing the essence of a subject enables Rob to give life to otherwise inanimate objects and add a level of depth to portraits that sets them apart from traditional stills. This expertise  and innovation secures Rob’s place as one of the most sought after commercial photographers in Oxford.


Working across the UK and beyond, Rob has established himself with some of the world’s leading agencies, providing advertising and promotional shots for names like BP, BUPA, Ford and BMW - working in studios and on location around the globe. With a passion for travel and the ability to shoot anywhere, Rob offers unrivalled results that are reinforced by his familiarity with all aspects of the creative process.


As more and more photographers embrace the flexibility of digital media, it’s essential that traditional skills are not left behind - ensuring every detail is considered before creating an image that truly represents the subject. Whether he has a split second to make the shot, or as long as it takes to get it just right - you’re assured the very best results time after time.


For more information on Rob’s commercial photography in Oxford visit the Contact page now and he’ll be happy to discuss your project with you.